Welcome traveller! Stay a while and browse our pages!

Welcome traveller! Stay a while and browse our pages!

Welcome to Wyld-Fire, we're a very small, family run business trying to preserve and promote traditional crafts, ancient arts and heritage skills - from fire lighting and fireside storytelling to production of ancient instruments and re-discovering ancient combat techniques.

We operate from a small, private workshop near Wooler in Northumberland, sited on the high-ground between Bamburgh Castle and Yeavering, two of the most important sites in Anglo-Saxon Britain!

It's been a bit quiet...NOT ANY MORE!

Well, as the more observant among you may have noticed, the website, blog, Etsy and Facebook pages have all been a bit quiet for quite some time.
This is due to a major re-location of our workshop and Wyld Fire undergoing somewhat of a change of direction.

February Half-term Holidays

During the February half-term school holidays we have two themed activity days coming up. Both of these are suitable for all ages, but under 18's must be accompanied.

Dragon Day will be on the 17th February, and Candle Day will be on the 19th February.

We need a Tardis...

Well the last month or so has been rather awesome... and a little chronologically confusing. Here at Wyld Fire we are used to jumping between the past and present, but this months we've also been visiting the future.