Wyld Haeg 2022

22/04/2022 - 24/04/2022 Sentry Circle Camping, Northallerton

Online booking is now available... please note your PayPal receipt IS your ticket. Please have a copy of it (either digital or printed is fine)  with you when you attend the event.

Under 16s may attend free with parents/guardians, adult tickets are £25 each including 2 nights camping, trader tickets are £30 including 3 nights camping (arriving on the 21/04/2022). For those who have tickets from 2020 and 2021 which were not used due to covid, your original tickets and there prices will be honoured and you do not need to pay extra, if you can't locate your email reciepts, simply log into your paypal account and search transactions for "Wyld Haeg" and you will be able to view/download/screen shot receipt for ticket.

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