Wyld Fire is currently undergoing a bit of a make-over!

We've been busy recently!

Since the start of 2016 we've re-located our workshop from the heart of Kielder Forest, we're now nearer to home outside Alnwick.

We're almost ready to get back to full-scale production and we're all set to dive into event season 2016!

You may notice some changes on the website and our pages - hopefully these changes will make it easier to find us at events and get in touch with and order items from us.

We're also doing a lot more work in the "practical archaeology" and historical interpretation areas so come along to our Summer events and see what's new!

This Weekend (5th-9th April)

This weekends course schedule looks like this:
Friday 5th - Guided Meditation with Lily at 4pm
Saturday 6th - Tea leaf reading with Lily at 4pm
Sunday 7th - Candle making with Lily at 11am
Monday 8th - Viking finger weaving with Lily at 11am
                     Bullroarer making with Gordon at 3pm
Tuesday 9th - Basic map reading with Gordon at 1pm