Wyld Fire is currently undergoing a bit of a make-over!

We've been busy recently!

Since the start of 2016 we've re-located our workshop from the heart of Kielder Forest, we're now nearer to home outside Alnwick.

We're almost ready to get back to full-scale production and we're all set to dive into event season 2016!

You may notice some changes on the website and our pages - hopefully these changes will make it easier to find us at events and get in touch with and order items from us.

We're also doing a lot more work in the "practical archaeology" and historical interpretation areas so come along to our Summer events and see what's new!

Meet the Other Folk 2013

Come celebrate Samhain the way it should be celebrated! A night in a recreation Saxon hall with stories of the "Other Folk" and tales of why it's so important to keep the hearth fire burning through the night.
You can sleep in the hall, in the "monks cell" or bring a small tent... you will need roll mat/air mattress and sleeping bag.